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It’s A Squirrel’s Life™ Board Game

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“Charlie” the Squirrel

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Trace the life of a tree-climbing, nut-scouting, gravity-defying squirrel!

We have all seen these cute creatures in the wild and our backyards, yet few know much about them. Finally, for the first time a game has been created to simulate the life of a typical tree squirrel from nest born, to adulthood, and ultimately parenthood.

Play, forage or duel with your fellow squirrels. Once out of the nest and free, prepare to harvest fruits, nuts, nests and babies, and negotiate your way to be the first to win!

It’s A Squirrel’s Life™ – Game Goal

The general objective of the game is to gather a certain number of food pieces (i.e. acorns, strawberries and pumpkins), as well as obtain five tail rings signifying squirrel life milestone achievements. The first squirrel/player to accomplish this wins.

The minimum number of food pieces that needs to be acquired are:

  • – 10 acorns 
  • – 10 strawberries 
  • – 10 pumpkins 

The milestone achievements that are represented by five tail rings are:

  • – 2 nests (2 green tail rings)
  • – 2 litters of babies (2 pink tail rings)
  • – 1 hospital trip (1 yellow tail ring)

Generally there is no special order of events except that your squirrel must have at least one nest before having babies. The yellow tail ring signifies that you made at least one hospital trip and proof that your squirrel has been checked out by a veterinarian.

Follow this link to view our instructions video on the basics of our game: