Moxy Roxy

Take a live journey through the eyes of a tree squirrel. We have all seen these cute creatures in the wild and our backyards, yet few know much about them. Finally, for the first time a board game has been created to simulate the life of a typical tree squirrel from nest born, to adulthood, and ultimately parenthood.

Inspired by his experience of once rescuing a tree squirrel, Randy Hecht, an aerospace engineer from Southern California invented this educational board game, and co-founded the company Moxy Roxy, Inc. to pay homage to his furry friend named “Roxy.” Roxy has built her nests around Randy’s backyard, given birth to several litters of babies, and pays him regular visits.

Join us on our journey of nature, fun and developmental growth…

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Full of humanizing and amusing nuances, both children and adults will enjoy many hours of fun and entertainment. With cleverly designed game rules, it also helps kids develop important social, math and negotiation skills that will benefit both their personal and professional lives for years to come.

In the early spring of 2016, Roxy - the squirrel Randy rescued - became of age to be on her own. Feeling immensely attached and proud, Randy needed to find an outlet to share what he was feeling. Inspired by a great poem by Edgar Guest (1881-1959) "Miss Me, But Let Me Go" that he had read a year earlier, Randy wrote the following verse borrowing several excerpts from Guest's work as if Roxy were speaking to him. He poured his heart out and it goes like this:

"Miss Me, But Let Me Go"

Squirrel Tracks
You were there to save my life
I will never forget that day
You've made me very happy
For thanks, I'll say it this way.
Now is the end of my up-bringing
And my destiny lies before me
Please do not weep of my absence
Why cry for a soul set free.
Miss Me a little-But Not Too Long
And not with your head bowed low
Remember the love that we once shared
Miss Me-but Let Me Go.
This is a journey all squirrels must take
And each must go alone
It's all a part of Nature's plan
A step on the road to home.
I have seen other squirrel's nests
A feat where they've truly toiled
As far as my own place to rest
I may come to realize I've been spoiled.
If the elements become too challenging
And cannot yet build that nest in the tree
Please save that neat condo you've made
For I might postpone that move to be free.
If I ever find another home
Rest assured, you'll see me again
For I'll never be too far away
So please save some nuts for then.
Randy's dream came true !!!
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