Moxy Roxy

What You Need To Know About Squirrels

What You Need To Know About Squirrels… From National Geographic COMMON NAME: Squirrels SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sciuridae TYPE: Mammals DIET: Omnivore GROUP NAME: Scurry, dray SIZE: Five to 36 inches WEIGHT: 0.5 ounces to four pounds SIZE RELATIVE TO A TEACUP:     Squirrels are familiar to almost everyone. More than 200 squirrel species live all over the world, with the notable exception […]

What’s Special About This Edition?

What’s Special About This Edition? So let’s talk about this a little further. When we say “limited edition,” we really mean it because there are only 500 sets produced. Be one of the first to own it! Our winning tools include 4 vivid, distinctive looking squirrel game pieces, 3 kinds of two-toned, injection-molded food pieces, […]

The Inventor Behind The Game

The Inventor Behind The Game Randy Hecht, Inventor Inspired by his experience of once rescuing a tree squirrel, Randy Hecht, an aerospace engineer from Southern California invented this educational board game, and co-founded the company Moxy Roxy, Inc. to pay homage to his furry friend named “Roxy.” Roxy has built her nests around Randy’s backyard, […]

Moxy Roxy Trial Blog!

The Moxy Roxy Blog Is Here! Welcome to this blog…   December 2021 Photo is courtesy of Nancy Rose.  I dedicate this poem to a fox squirrel named Rikki who succumbed recently to his illness that I tried to cure.  I made him as comfortable as possible in his final days.  Some lyrics and rhythm […]